Who doesn’t love a fireworks show?

 This year, we would like every colorful explosion to signify a burst of light on behalf of women rising from every corner of the world. On New Year’s Evewe want to send a message of hope.

Let’s take a quick moment to look back:

In 2018 our work has broken significant new ground. We have our first project in the U.S. with citizens of Puerto Rico. We just electrified a village in Belize. We have Solar Mamas in the Amazon right now bringing sustainable energy to some  of the most remote villages you’ve ever seen. We have a new Regional Training Centre open in Burkina Faso. 

Solar Mama training at our new Burkina Faso Regional Training Centre in Burkina Faso.

In 2019, we have a lot of work to do to keep this momentum going. And we need your help.

Each one of us can be a SPARKLE(R) of hope. Together we will be a magnificent display on behalf of women everywhere.

Become a Barefoot Sparkler in 2019. What’s that?

Great question.  It’s simple:

  • Pledge to make an end of the year donation of $100 or more, OR pledge to be a monthly donor $10 or more for 2019.
  • Share your pledge by email or social media with five close friends and invite them to consider a similar pledge for our organization or one that’s close to their hearts.
  • Commit to post, repost or email twice a month (or more) to champion our work.

Email your pledge to us right now at giving@barefootcollege.org. Or make your donation right now with a click here. (Write SPARKLER in the comment section!).

At Barefoot College we are used to doing what others say can’t be done. When you work with remote rural communities and see the incredible change that occurs through solar power and enterprise economic opportunities, you know anything is possible.

As this year comes to a close we want to celebrate. But we know there is so much more to be done. We need you and 999 of your best friends to help us brighten up the sky. Join us and be a SPARKLER for Barefoot 2019!

Let’s do this together. Click or write. Say hi. Light up the sky! And stay tuned for more news before New Year’s Eve!

And don’t forget to help spread the news on your social media and invite other to support women’s empowerment, curb climate change and break the grip of ultra poverty in every corner of the world.