The Indian Ambassador to Colombia, Mr. Prabhat Kumar, visited La Guajira and had meetings with our Barefoot Solar Engineers. There, he came to learn about the 900 beneficiaries of 5 solar electrified communities.

img_7952 Wayuu Solar Mamas, Magalys Polanco, María Milagros Ibarra and María Luisa Uriana standing with Latinoamérica Barefoot Coordinator, Rodrigo Paris and Indian Ambassador to Colombia, Prabhat Kumar


fullsizerender Ambassador Prabhat Kumar photographs the lighting system installed inside a community home.

img_7938 Preserving natural states of our planet’s eco-systems by providing decentralized renewable power alternatives is part of our mandate. Naturally we chose one of the most inaccessible parts of Colombia, the pristine desert of La Guajira.

Like many before him, it wasn’t until after the commuting that he realized just how very isolated Barefoot searches for the candidates of their solar project.

The Ambassador understood the complexity of the region, ecosystem and people and was very proud of India’s role in providing resources and training to Colombian rural areas.

– Rodrigo Paris, Head of Barefoot College Latin America

In Colombia we have trained 8 women as Solar Engineers and over 65 in the Latin American subcontinent. The indigenous people of Latin America are a unique asset for the region and its future. Preserving their knowledge about the environment and the mystical relationships between human beings and our planet is as imperative as providing anything else in our work.

fullsizerender-4 A solar panel installed on a home by our Colombian Solar Mamas

fullsizerender-3 The solar systems illuminate community spaces as well.

Also with us was the Director of the Cooperation Presidential Agency from the Colombian government.

It was a very happy day for Barefoot College – Later that week Rodrigo was interviewed by Colombia’s most listened to talk-radio show, “W-radio”.

img_7963 (Left to right) Head Coordinator Latinoamérica, Rodrigo Paris, Director of Cooperation Presidential Agency, Alejandro Gamboa, Magalys Polanco, The Indian Ambassador to Colombia, Mr. Prabhat Kumar, María Milagros Ibarra, María Luisa Uriana, Rep for Enel Green Power Colombia, Federica Bizzochi, and Director for Enel Green Power Colombia Azahara Lopez

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