The recent flood in Wayanad, Kerala has devastated many local families and farms, with low-lying regions being most critically affected. Houses have been flooded, and people have been forced to flee to safety, abandoning belongings that have since become lost. Livestock, agriculture and the homes themselves have been seriously damaged. In addition, many wells have become contaminated in the onslaught of the disaster, endangering drinking supplies at such a crucial moment.

The municipalities of Pozhuthana.Thariyode,Vengappa, Kottathara, Padinharathara, Panamaram, Kaniyambetta, Muliankoliweliamunda, Nooipuzha Mananthavadv and Kalpetta have been most affected by the flood.

In total, 308 houses have been critically damaged, while an additional 1442 have been considered partially damaged. Around 1840 hectares of crop area has been negatively affected as well. 14 746 people have been separated from their homes, with a grand total of 4,097 families, which have been distributed into one of the 138 camps that are presently assisting them.

Field staff and contacts of RASTA have been tirelessly offering support since the disaster hit. Relief camps were started in schools, while a local youth group mobilized their resources before the government came to step in. Those with affected houses were personally consulted. Women and children were consoled, and encouraged to remain strong and confident in the face of circumstances which are temporary.

RASTA (Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement) has been a fond partner in association with Barefoot College for many years. It was founded in 1987 as a member of SAMPDA, a BFC-led NGO alliance. It has been committed to empowering the rural poor, disadvantaged and oppressed while preserving the beauty and nature of Southern India. It currently serves a population of over 150,000 individuals.

Some of the more remote or isolated families have proven difficult to assist in the desired way. More relief is requested in aid to reach these houses. They need bedding, roofing, school supplies, and desilting/dechlorination for their well systems. The two village councils of Kottathara and Kaniyambetta are of focus to be further worked on in particular.

Some factors are in need of immediate attention to help mitigate the dire situation. People require assistance to reach their homes, to restock their homes, to have their roofs repaired, etc. All funds collected will go directly toward support of the people and families affected. To donate, you can send money directly to our partners in Kerala:

Bank Details

Donations from Foreign Nationals and Other Countries

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State Bank of India, Kainatty Branch, Kalpetta, Wayanad Dist, Kerala 673122

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Donations from within India

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State Bank of India, Kottathara Branch

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