So, you’ve heard the term Solar Mama

You’ve discovered our newsfeeds, with the stories and events pertaining to the countries Solar Mamas hail from. You’re identifying where they’re following their classes. You love keeping up-to-date with the latest about their multitudinous positive effects on their villages and the world at large.

But to her, what does it mean when she says “I am a Solar Engineer”?
Who are these women and what is the journey that they all embark on at Barefoot College? How deeply does the mission transform their lives?
Who better to hear it from than the Solar Mamas themselves?

This beautiful video richly encapsulates their version of being Solar Engineers.

This video was created by our very own Enriche Department’s Manu Singh, who tirelessly assists our Solar Mamas in telling their stories and helping them gain confidence toward what they will bring back to their villages with their newly kindled aptitudes.

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