The role will require a close working relationship with the Regional Coordinators and the Barefoot Training Centers (Africa, Latin America and the Pacific Islands). You will be responsible for managing and running a central office in village Harmada, Rajasthan India. You are expected to support and provide any kind of information and knowledge which are required to run the BVTC’s efficiently. You will be accountable for implementing grants, writing reports and submission of the same. We expect the manager to develop innovative ways of unifying the BVTC’s with the central office.

Download the complete job description here.

Some responsibilities of the Barefoot Vocational Training Center Coordinator are:

  • Establish a central office for International Operations in Harmada
  • Collate and Manage all operational, budgeting and financial documents of BVTC’s
  • Update operations manuals as in and when required
  • Develop guidelines for training and logistics
  • Develop a deep understanding of the programmatic areas and the global business strategy of Barefoot College International
  • Work collaboratively with the CEO, regional coordinators and head of training centers to develop and implement good practices in the centers
  • Support and work with regional teams when a new training center is to be developed
  • Build relationships between employees of different centers and work towards aligning Barefoot values uniformly across regions
  • Coordinate with the development of implementation of grants as well as submission
  • Responsible for branding and communication between central office and BVTC’s
  • Promote BVTC’s within different stakeholders and respond to all communication/queries related to it
  • Replicate the methodology and learning from the programs run in India and work towards implementing them in BVTC’s
  • Visit the BVTC’s and concerned regions to see the implementation and progress of the center

Deadline for application is 25th of January, 2022. Download the Job Description here.