“Talk depletes us. Talking and doing fight for the same resources.”

-Ryan Holiday

2017 was the year where social media and attention-grabbing headlines were law of the land.

A year, where what we did came second to what others heard us say.

Where what we signaled to others about ourselves came second to our values, which we could swap with the speed of the latest trending video.


This year could be a year for something different. Something new.

A year, for zipping our mouths and rolling up shirtsleeves.

For rising #AboveTheNoise and getting off of Twitter and falling in with a column of doers who often ignored in the daily media cycle have begun a movement that will change the world.

At the vanguard of this group are the grandmothers of the global south. Barefoot College calls them Solar Mamas, a proud title earned through a rigorous and courageous journey of technical training and leadership development.

The Solar Mamas are quietly fulfilling 14 or 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through the implementation of solar energy at the village level.


Barefoot College Solar Mamas now live and work in nearly 100 countries on four continents. They received a big lift from a corporate social responsibility partner, Hogan Lovells LLP, a global law firm and leader in the domain of conscious capitalism that knows doing good is good for business.

Over 3 years, Barefoot College and Hogan Lovells are expanding solar energy to 200,000 people in the global south through direct patronage and pro-bono legal services.


In early February, Off Road is joining the filmmakers of Crux Jinx productions on a tour through some of Central America’s most remote villages, where Solar Mamas are at work bringing energy, health and economic opportunity to places formerly clinched in the grip of poverty.
The Barefoot & Hogan Lovells partnership has facilitated an exciting expansion of Solar Mama training. Off Road will be there following the Crux Jinx crew as they film a documentary about the movement and release one video a day for 10 days, so people around the world can tune in to the change that is happening.

Change, that you can now witness and support with your own eyes.

Follow us on our tour of Central America, and help a woman #FlipTheSwitch