Independence Day is a time to acknowledge the past while looking towards a future where everyone can live favourably. This year, Barefoot’s Shikshaniketan school embraced a critical and constructive approach to celebrating the 73rd Independence Day by taking to the streets with chants, performances and conversations that addressed the reality of modern India.

What hinders freedom in Tilonia, Rajasthan? Skikshaniketan speaks up about their concerns

Marching Together for Freedom

With a walk down the village of Tilonia, educators and children of Shikshaniketan raised the question of ‘Do we really have freedom?’ highlighting several issues from female foeticide to child abuse, to poverty to suppression of expression – all that stop us from being truly independent in today’s world.

Children and teachers of Skikshaniketan march in solidarity for a free, equitable future for India

Confronting Social Issues by Vowing to do Something

The children gathered in the village Choupal to perform an original scripted street play that parodies how society today goes by the mantra of “Didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything, won’t say anything, won’t do anything” towards every critical social issue.

After that, they returned to the school for the programme. However, the programme had to be aborted midway due to heavy rains.

The youth of rural India take a stand to confront social issues

As modern India faces challenges, it will be up to all future adults- male and female- to act together on the issues that impede the nation. This includes Climate Change, that could be attributed to the heavy rainfall that flooded the campus for days during the week of Independence Day. Collectively, each civilian of India can contribute to a nation that creates solutions to the large changes to come while ensuring an equitable, free life for everyone.

Walking in solidarity, students envisioned a brighter future

Helping Young Minds Blossom

We are slowly pushing the needle in such events towards original acts, original songs, children led anchoring, and focus towards creative thinking. Anybody who wants to work with children in theatre, play or music, please feel free to join us.