21st Energy Globe Award Winners Announced

The Energy Globe Award is considered the most important award for sustainability worldwide. “The World’s Best Environmental Projects” are selected based on their lasting systems change and breadth of impact. The winners are considered to be global leaders in sustainable and regenerative programs that visibly succeed in creating a more harmonious, eco-focused planet.

globe award energy women barefoot college Solar Mama in Brazil, solar electrifying a local village


That’s why we are especially honoured to have been awarded the Energy Globe Award under the FIRE category for our ‘Global Solar Initiative‘. Our current efforts involve accessibility to clean, renewable light for marginalized families through the solar electrification of rural communities. In this project, more than 3,500 women from 93 countries worldwide have been trained to be solar engineers.

You can watch the official broadcasting of our win and the other inspiring finalists here.

More than 3000 applicants from 187 countries were nominated for this prestigious recognition. The award ceremony was held by high-ranking celebrities, UNIDO Secretary-General Li Yong, Deputy Director Hubert Cottogni from the European Investment Fund, Honorary President Professor von Weizs├Ącker from the Club of Rome, and President of the Global Chamber Platform Christoph Leitl.

globe award energy women cameroon solar Cameroon Solar Mama holds a Barefoot Diva Solar Lantern


Energy Globe Award Winners Celebrate

Our team on the ground was elated to receive the news. Pictured in the main article image is our India-based team, accepting the trophy when it arrived and celebrating this wonderful recognition together on at our campus in Rajasthan. After a long and challenging past year, this news has reinvigorated our team and motivates us to continue implementing our Solar programs despite the setbacks that the pandemic has caused.

globe award india woman energy solar Indian Solar Master Trainer receives the Energy Globe Award trophy, Rajasthan


It’s great having so many people actively working on solutions for our environment and actually implementing them. The last 21 years and the 30,000 submitted projects show us that there are already solutions for every environmental problem in every country.
-Energy Globe Award Initiator Wolfgang Neumann

Solar electricity enables children to study at night, improving their grades and academic opportunities in life. It also allows women and men to work longer into the evenings, boosting their household income. It adds a layer of autonomy and dignity as even villages with electricity often experience power outages that in some countries last over a month.

globe award children study solar women Children study by the light of a Solar Diva lantern


The Lasting Impact of the Solar Initiative

Natural disasters, which can wipe out entire grid systems for years, typically leave solar panels untouched or repairable, ensuring that more communities can withstand extreme weather and continue to thrive. While different countries face unique challenges due to Climate Change, the Barefoot Global Solar Initiative aims to address such challenges at a grassroots level that is effective at every corner of the globe.

Our aim is to foster rural resilience that perpetuates lifestyles and adaptive thinking, enabling rural communities to resolve their own localized issues, mitigating devastation for the next generations. Winning the Globe Award is a reminder that we are heading in the right direction.

globe award solar mama india women Indian Solar Mamas install a solar panel, Jharkhand


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