Digital Literacy Training of 13 Indian Women

In partnership with the French Embassy, a pilot of our Digital Literacy Smartphone and Computer Training program is underway in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In July and August, 4 BCI trainers trained 13 female trainees. They use modern digital equipment to help foster tech-savvy women and girls from rural Indian communities.

barefoot college digital literacy women technology Trainee and trainer engage in Digital Literacy classes, Jaipur, Rajasthan


The training program aims to narrow the digital divide. The divide is prevalent between rural and urban Indian residents across the country. The program will also cohesively address the gender gap that often restricts women from involvement in technology. India boosts its opportunities for increased family income when women are involved. Thus, GDP grows while increasing possible nationwide collaborations and innovation.

The training curriculum and computer course follow RSCIT, which all trainees become prepared for. Conducted Q&A sessions instil confidence and clarity in the women. Paired with books, notes and practical tasks, the trainees are much more likely to clear the RSCIT course. They also increase their digital literacy by the end of their training.

digital literacy women gender barefoot college Trainers conduct interactive workshops with trainees


Achieving Digital Literacy Together

The program includes workshops that are group-oriented, followed by self-practice and follow-up discussions to ensure that trainees are supported throughout their progressions. Assignments, tests and revision sessions help the trainees apply their gained knowledge in practical digital literacy situations.

Older trainees who are less formally educated often start off facing greater hurdles in understanding the material. However, by the end of sessions, students were more equally capable of using the digital equipment with ease. Strategically, students who initially struggle with computer and smartphone skills get more time to practise. Paired with a longer time for assistance with their trainers, we level out the playing field.

In addition, our trainers proved themselves as successful in conducting future computer and smartphone training programs. The efficacy of the pilot training program leads BCI to anticipate growth and amplification in the coming months. As always, the success of the trainees is indicative that women are fully able to independently use and operate modern digital technology.

digital literacy women gender barefoot college mobile phone A trainee practises using a smartphone on her own


It’s also noteworthy to report that women enjoy their training. Technology-savvy women find fulfilment and a sense of satisfaction from their digital literacy accomplishments. Learning the mechanisms of phones and computers is fun for a lot of women and girls. At the same time, they’re building their capacities.

In a world that is increasingly connected by technology, including more women in the tech demographic offers current and relevant income generation. It can be directly or indirectly. This includes employment or entrepreneurial management: digitized banks accounts, budgeting tools, better methods of communication and marketing.

digital literacy women gender computers barefoot college Women trainees practise computer skills independently during workshops


Narrowing the Gender Divide for Indian Women

We hope that in the coming years, rural women can benefit from the tools and uses of computers and smartphones. Women will contribute their own inputs to modern technology. They will spearhead the prosperity of their local communities. Accessibility and inclusivity are essential to promote gender equity. We are proud to be involved in such a systems change approach.


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