Barefoot College International’s Entrepreneur Opportunity Helps Boost Womens’ Incomes

We’ve begun to launch our latest initiative where rural entrepreneur women are trained in micro-dairy farming. Milk Mitras, as they are nicknamed, celebrated the beginning of their livelihood and entrepreneurial journeys on November 16th as they completed the training at our Barefoot Harmara campus. Associated with the Gaula program, this is an asset-backed empowerment initiative tailored specifically to rural Indian women.

entrepreneur women barefoot college livelihood Women trainees attend a day of workshops at our Harmara campus, Rajasthan


The initiative aims to support women in creating relevant secondary livelihoods that give back to their local economies and communities. Women are carefully selected who have a keen interest in entrepreneur training. Women may have one source of income already and are interested in fostering a secondary income. A revenue-sharing model gains them access to earn money for cattle care.

Barefoot College International firmly believes that by providing more opportunities to women, entire communities prosper. We specifically select women for our programs as they are often underserved and marginalized in remote rural societies. With boosted incomes, womens’ families achieve greater autonomy. Covid-19 created multiple setbacks for rural communities. Together with rural communities, we are creating programs that mitigate setbacks and get households back on their feet.

entrepreneur women barefoot college dairy farming Women of all ages are selected to take micro-dairy entrepreneur training


Entrepreneur Training Synopsis

A three-part training program was launched in Rampura and Tilonia on October 20th with 42 women. A comprehensive Cow-care curriculum immerses the trainees in the world of cow rearing and dairy management. Concurrently, topics such as best cattle care practices, Enriche training and digital literacy workshops ensure a well-rounded comprehension for each entrepreneur.

dairy cattle women training entrepreneur Types of cattle are displayed during a micro-dairy entrepreneur workshop


Trainees can expect to become familiarized with mobile phones, sometimes for the first time in their lives. Tech-based solutions provide trainees with tools and networking opportunities that can help their businesses thrive. The Enriche program, made famous through our Solar Mamas, builds women’s aspirations and advocacy with the goal of women shifting themselves into roles of leadership and self-sufficiency.

How do we Maintain the Momentum?

We don’t only provide the trainees with knowledge. Each woman entrepreneur who successfully completes her training receives two cattle. She also receives access to the dairy unit setup that will be established in the near future in the two participating villages. There, she can gain a fair price for the milk she’s produced that gets sold locally, maintaining a grassroots benefit cycle.

smiles dairy women India cattle entrepreneur The trainees definitely enjoy their workshops


This is our inaugural effort to provide this comprehensive dairy training to marginalized women. Our goal is to scale this program nationally and where applicable internationally. Data collection is forthcoming and will allow us to optimize this much-anticipated project. Once our key program objectives are met, we are keen to train hundreds of women in micro-dairy practises each year.

If you’d like to support this initiative, you can donate here. We also accept Cryptocurrency. Your contribution helps to ensure that this program can continue offering women meaningful, dignified livelihood opportunities. It also allows us to scale our programs faster, giving more women the chance to train with us.

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entrepreneur women micro-dairy cattle livelihood Each woman trainee receives Enriche training to boost confidence and self-awareness