Covid-19 Response

Shifting focus and funding towards Covid-19 relief & prevention

India is currently in the grips of a devastating second wave of COVID-19 and we urgently need your help. The rising death rate and lack of resources have already led the healthcare and post-mortem systems in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities in India to the edge of collapse.

It is essential that we work to stop this situation from spreading to the rural communities we work with. To do this, we need your support. (Read the most recent Newsletter Update here.)

36,889+ Masks

delivered for families in India and Zanzibar

6,000 Survival Packages

elivered for families in Rajasthan, India

2,470+ Sanitizers

delivered to villages and produced locally on campus

5,235 Educated

explaining via video and IVR; what, how, symptoms, precautions, myths & stigma of Covid-19

2,200+ Food Packets

a one month ration of grains, oil and vegetables

Around the world, our sources tell us

COVID-19’s effects extend beyond documented cases. Most recorded cases remain focused around urban civilians, who have better testing facilities and essential supplies available to them. The health and safety of women and children, the stability of local economies and access to health and information resources are crucial data for proper representation. By focusing on the entire global sphere, we’re serving communities today by addressing their unique situations while they occur and as they evolve.

We are regularly gaining insight at the grassroots level through our local ground partners, regional coordinators and beneficiaries so that we can continue to offer catered support as it’s required. Worldwide, we are building services that effectively provide relief today and strive to durably uplift communities for as long as the pandemic may alter our lives.

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  • Ground Partner
  • Barefoot Centre

Rural Resources

Our open-source COVID-19 Information dissemination videos are factual and easy-to-understand materials available to everyone

Covid-19 Resource Videos



  • 1 . कोरोना-वायरस : हमारी जिम्मेदारियाँ
  • 2. गलत जानकारी फैलने से रोकेें
  • 3. कोरोना-वायरस कैसे फैलता है ?
  • 4. कोरोना-वायरस को फैलने से कैसे रोकें ?
  • 5. कोरोना-वायरस के लक्षण
  • 6. कोरोना-वायरस पर जागरूकता
  • Doctor Consultation by ARMMAN
  • COMPLETE Covid Resource Video Playlist (HINDI)
  • 7. टीका लगाएं, और कोरोना से बचें


  • 1 - কোৰোনা ভাইৰাছৰ ওপৰত সজাগতা
  • 2 - কোৰোনা ভাইৰাছৰ লক্ষণ
  • 3 - কোৰোনা ভাইৰাছ কেনেদৰে বিয়পে ?
  • 4 - কোৰোনা ভাইৰাছ কেনেদৰে ৰোধিব পাৰি?
  • 5 - আহক ভুল তথ্য বিয়োপা ৰোধ কৰো
  • 6 - আমাৰ দায়িত্ব
  • COMPLETE Covid Resource Video Playlist (Assamese)


  • 1 - କରୋନା ରୋଗ ବିସୟରେ ସଚେତନା
  • 2 - କରୋନା ରୋଗର ଲକ୍ଷଣ
  • 3 - କରୋନା ରୋଗ କିପରି ବ୍ୟାପେ
  • 4 - କରୋନା ରୋଗ ସଂକ୍ରମଣକୁ କିପରି ରୋକିବା
  • 5 - କରୋନା ବିସୟରେ ଅପପ୍ରଚାରକୁ ରୋକିବା
  • 6 - ଆମର ଦାଇତ୍ୱ
  • COMPLETE Covid Resource Video Playlist (Odia)



  • 1 - করোনা ভাইরাস সম্পর্কে সচেতনতা
  • 2 - করোনা ভাইরাসের লক্ষণ
  • 3 - করোনা ভাইরাস কীভাবে ছড়ায়
  • 4 - কিভাবে করোনা ভাইরাস ছড়িয়ে পড়া বন্ধ করা যায়
  • 5 - ভুল তথ্য ছড়ানো বন্ধ করুন
  • 6 - আমাদের দায়িত্ব

Awareness Material

Sangat Series | Newsletter on CBO relief initiative

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