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President of Guatemala Awards Presidential Environmental Medal to Barefoot College International
Yesterday, the President of the Republic of Guatemala, Dr. Alejandro Giammattei, presented Barefoot College International with the 2022 Presidential Environmental Medal at a ceremony held in the Mirror Hall of the Presidential Palace. This prestigious...
Islamic Development Bank
Investing in Women is Investing in Sustainability
A Global Responsibility As the gravity of Climate Change becomes globally implicit, governments must respond with realistic efforts to reduce their dependency on unsustainable practises. In the Global South, the regions which are forecast to...
A Union of Positive Missions
We’ve got exciting news- WikiHow has just partnered with Barefoot College, who will be sharing our story on its webpages for the last weeks of March. This is a meaningful partnership because we support Wikihow’s...
Hogan LovellsSolarEnriche
The Power Of Purposeful Business Catches On
The power of purposeful business catches on Being a great business is not just about making money any more. Consumers around the world have demanded more. Stand for something. Make more than money. Make a...



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