44 women

trained in solar engineering

1158 households

solar electrified

188 women

completed Enriche Curriculum

25 villages

supported by our programming

349 hives

distributed to small landholding farmers

1,432 kilos

honey harvested

Our Zanzibar Story

The 1st International Training Centre

The Barefoot College International (BCI) Zanzibar centre was our first training centre expansion established outside of India. Operations began successfully in 2015 to decentralize our key programmes and offer more women the opportunity to receive a meaningful education close to home. Training began with the objective of building a team of local master trainers who could manage and oversee operations regionally in Zanzibar.

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Programmatic Solutions


More than 150 women have been trained in beekeeping at our Zanzibar campus. Following their training courses and workshops, they receive the appropriate equipment and supply chain support to succeed. This includes beehives, bee suits and protective gear, smokers and the guaranteed fair wage purchase of the natural honey they produce. Our team then packages and manages the sale process of the honey to local businesses and sells it on location to visitors.

Barefoot Women Beekeepers become both beneficiaries and suppliers of our Social Enterprise Zanzibar Honey.


Barefoot College Zanzibar creates decentralized solutions that work at the village level, offering practical learning that crosses language and literacy barriers and marrying this learning to innovative technologies like solar. BCI Zanzibar demystifies, decentralizes and puts solutions in the rural poor’s control.

Since 2015, the Solar Mamas of Zanzibar have helped to equid more than 1000 households with solar electricity.


Barefoot College International believes in the key role women play in improving the overall quality of life within underdeveloped rural villages. The Barefoot Enriche programme invests in women to help them reach their full potential so that they can fulfill their aspirations and transform their communities. The Enriche curriculum provides rural women with the opportunity to gain confidence, practical knowledge and skills that are relevant to their life and priorities.

Enriche has curated content which works in partnership with indigenous and local NGOs.

Every Barefoot Woman is trained to train others, she is taught to share her knowledge with as many in her community as possible; Integrating digital tools and literacy to expand her abilities and her capacity to share her knowledge with others.

Ground Partner Network

Name Region Service
Steiner School Bububu Program Implementation
SOS Children’s Village North Unguja Program Implementation
Youth Challenge International North Unguja Program Implementation
Zanzibar Beekeeping Association Unguja, Zanzibar Program Implementation
Pemba Clove Honey Cooperative Pemba, Zanzibar Program Implementation
Tarakea Women Sawmill Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Program Implementation
UN Women UN Africa Advocates & Advisors

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Brenda Geofrey | Campus Director

Marisanga Waziri | Social Business Developer

Fatma Juma Haji | Campus Manager and Master Trainer

Hassan Faraj Ali | Beekeeping Coordinator

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