9 Years of Impact

77 Women

Trained as solar engineers

13 Countries

supported by our programs

12 Beekeepers

trained from 2 island nations

66 Beehives

provided, with training, to farmers

Current Targets

Barefoot College identified the Pacific Islands as an area to work in 2012. Since our first visit to the region, we have trained 77 Barefoot Women Solar Engineers in 13 Pacific Island Countries, across the three major island groups of Micronesia, Polynesia, and Melanesia.

We are currently working in Renewable Energy and Livelihood Development in the island countries of Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Palau, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

Our mission is to foster self-sufficiency and promote sustainability among the rural poor through women empowerment and community partnerships by instigating and supporting programs for sustainable, renewable, clean energy. We also endeavour to create livelihood opportunities for marginalized, mature women, boosting their income and providing eco-friendly, self-reliant solutions for village communities across the Pacific Islands.

Programmatic Solutions


In regions where extreme weather and destruction by natural disasters are frequent occurrences, Solar energy is a viable option. Its reliability vs grid electricity in the face of seasonal hurricanes has proven that Solar energy predicts a sustainable and stable future for Pacific Islands inhabitants. Our women beneficiaries bring hope and prosperity to their local communities, exemplifying the importance of both women in society and clean energy sources.


Requiring minimal extra time and effort, beekeeping provides Pacific Islands women with local, sustainable opportunities for additional household income. Beekeeping can help to enhance local flora through the pollination carried out by bees, and provides rural communities with healthy, natural honey and bee by-products. Happier local flora results in more nutrient-rich, resistant crops benefitting local farmers.

Women's Health

Barefoot College International has fostered health awareness among rural women and girls of the Pacific Islands on issues such as hygiene, food and nutrition, family planning and reproductive health, immunizations, midwifery and menstrual health. Through our unique Enriche curriculum, women empower themselves to make informed personal decisions based on their own needs.

Ground Partner Network

Name Region Service
National Council of Women Cook Islands Data Management & Community Outreach
Locally Managed Marine Areas Fiji Data Management & Community Outreach
The Eco Care Kiribati Data Management & Community Outreach
Women United Together Marshall Islands Data Management & Community Outreach
Conservation Trust Micronesia Data Management & Community Outreach
National youth Council & PEEL Network Nauru Data Management & Community Outreach
BANGO Palau Data Management & Community Outreach
The Kumul Foundation Papua New Guinea Data Management & Community Outreach
SUNGO Samoa Data Management & Community Outreach
SISPMA Solomon Islands Data Management & Community Outreach
33 HAMA WOMEN SOLAR COOPERATIVE Tonga Data Management & Community Outreach
TNCW Tuvalu Data Management & Community Outreach
Mama Solar Power Association Vanuatu Data Management & Community Outreach
National Council of Women Niue Data Management & Community Outreach

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