We’ve got exciting news- WikiHow has just partnered with Barefoot College, who will be sharing our story on its webpages for the last weeks of March. This is a meaningful partnership because we support Wikihow’s mission, while it aligns so akin to our own. Wikihow is dedicated to spreading knowledge and enabling anyone to self-educate, using the abundance of collaborative-style, open-sourced articles. Their focus is on fostering resiliency, universal access to assistive content and equality for everyone. Now, just by reading their articles, wikihow will contribute to projects at Barefoot College. Just look for us at the bottom of any article:

For every click we receive on Wiki, we’ll receive a small donation towards the work we do. For the next two weeks, we’ll be curating some of our favourite WikiHow articles. We’d love to send our deepest gratitude to WikiHow for this partnership, and their mutual appreciation for the work we do. Thank you!

6 Helpful WikiHow Articles: