We’re building LEAP. A plug and play platform of microservices that enables a variety of organizations to directly reach the audiences they serve via hi-touch and hi-tech knowledge transfer in the agri sector. As a grassroot organisation, Barefoot College International (hereafter BCI) will be providing rural/farmer friendly content for the LMS(Learning Management System) of the LEAP platform. The project involves making technical training more accessible to rural audiences. The present training content exists as technical SOPs, research papers, corporate PowerPoint presentations and such documents aimed at a highly educated and qualified audience. BCI is playing the role of demystifying this knowledge for rural and farmer audiences, making it engaging through story-based content. The topics in the content are primarily agro-based but also extends to ancillary topics necessary for adult empowerment, such as leadership, women rights, environmental conservation, climate positive actions, sanitation and health. The success of this project shall lead to livelihood improvement of 1000+ rural farmers in the short term, and potentially millions in the long term.

To do this we’re looking for qualified content creators of the following specialties

The deadline to apply is 25th of January, 2022.