10 Senegalese Women Complete Solar Training

In the Spring of 2022, 10 Senegalese women graduated as solar engineers, as “Solar Mamas” from our solar engineer and Women Wellness training program. To celebrate the momentous occasion, our Senegalese team and partners DP World Dakar hosted an inauguration ceremony at the centre. We are immensely proud of each of the African women who enrolled and studied with Barefoot College International.

Senegalese Senegal Solar Mama Barefoot College graduation 4 of the recent trainees who’ve recently graduated from solar engineering training


The ceremony included a welcoming celebration, a showcasing of the centre and campus, a certificate ceremony, Solar Demos hosted by the Mamas and interview time with national press associations. The entire experience was memorable and enriching for the ladies. Now fully-fledged solar engineers, they confidently co-hosted the event with our BCI team.

Solar Demos involved the Senegalese Mamas showcasing the solar equipment and products that BCI provides communities with; Diva Solar lanterns, Barefoot Solar Home Lighting systems and associated tools. The women also took the opportunity to share the skills and knowledge they’d gained during training. Guests of the ceremony got to see first-hand their ability and agility to assemble and maintain a functioning solar system.

Senegalese Senegal BarefootCollege SolarMama women Karine Sar, BCI Senegalese operations head, greets DP World Dakar CEO Mr. Clarence Rodrigues and DP World MEA CFO Jay Daga


Preparing the Women Trainees for Greatness

Each Senegalese trainee received a smartphone following graduation. The women get to keep these phones and use them when they return to their villages. This way, they’re able to continue communicating with their Master Trainers and classmates. During their training courses, they learned digital efficacy and smartphone skills that ensure they can easily operate phones independently.

Beyond that, each woman enrols in our Enrich and Women Wellness training, with programs spanning from Women’s Rights to Livelihood Efficacy. They’ll also gain a deeper understanding of local entrepreneurial opportunities, budgeting, sales and marketing, Health and Sexual well-being and sustainable practices.

Senegalese Senegal women BarefootCollege Newly graduated Solar Mamas showcase their skills for guests at the graduation ceremony


Senegalese Solar Mamas Return Home as Heroines

Certificates proudly in hand, the ceremony concluded with the Senegalese Mama’s returns to their community villages. The vehicles they took were fully stacked and packed with the solar equipment they were entrusted to install for their communities. After a drive of over 10 hours, in which they sang loudly and proudly, they arrived home at last.

Senegalese Senegal Barefoot College SolarMama graduation Adja Yacine of our Partner DP World Dakar presents a Mama with her certificate and holds a BCI Solar Lantern


The joy and emotion felt as they were positively received by their families and neighbours were incredible. At-home parties were hosted in their honour and each of the women reported feeling extreme pride in their accomplishments. Their community was deeply impressed with their courage, strength and capacity to grow and learn despite any obstacles.

After the festivities and a time of rest concluded, the women got to work installing the panels. The journey of the Senegalese Mamas made both national and international media channels. Their stories have already begun to touch the hearts of followers worldwide and we are extremely proud of each and every one of them!

Senegalese Senegal SolarMama BarefootCollege Vehicles prepared for the women’s return home are fully packed up with solar equipment


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