Month: June 2016

Why I Walk Barefoot
In a quiet classroom forty empty chairs await their students. A blackboard, dusty with chalk, takes up one wall; directly opposite a world map flutters in the dry desert breeze from an open window. Sunlight...
Zanzibar's 'Solar Mamas' flip the switch on rural homes, gender roles
Take a step back from Zanzibar’s white sand beaches and big hotels and you’re in a very different world. One where the island’s dusty, inland villages largely go dark once the sun sets. This is...
Rural Education
Barefoot College, in the eyes of a TTIS student reporter
TTIS Tiger Reporter, S. Rajesh, visits Barefoot College to find out for himself how we have improved and brightened the lives os villagers. TTIS has a strong community of readers from 350 schools in India and 600 Tiger Reporters. In...