Neer Jaal - Water Monitoring

How it Works

Barefoot College has also implemented Neer Jaal (, a water mapping website that is controlled and managed exclusively by rural communities. Neer Jaal is an Information Communication Technology enabled water resource management system for grassroots communities. It collates groundwater related information and organizes water resources with the available information. The Neer Jaal software facilitates generating, storing and making public the water related information in a village. Above all, Neer Jaal helps manage scarce water resources across communities in India.

Next Steps

Neer Jaal is the first village-based, interactive website that catalogues data and information on water tables and water sources in villages. It has been designed to map water sources, bodies, consumption, usage, harvesting, shortages and needs at a national level.

Barefoot College offers trainings and mobile water test kits to interested community members three times per year. Once trained, members can pass on knowledge throughout the village so that everyone can help monitor and manage water resources. The College also holds meetings to discuss and educate community members about the results of their water samples, which come from any source they use for drinking (including hand pumps, tanks, and open wells). The long term vision of Neer Jaal is to allow each and every villager in India to put their data related to water on a public domain and to gradually help the people of India gather widespread information on water sources.