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Since 1989, Barefoot College has been harnessing the sun’s energy to help rural communities thrive by applying solutions in four critical areas of village life:
1) solar electrification of 1000+ villages, 2) hot water,
3) solar cookers, and 4) fresh drinking water through
solar powered desalination.

Each of the solar electrification solutions pioneered in rural, remote, non-electrified villages by Barefoot College has proved that both illiterate and semi-literate men and women can fabricate, install, use, repair and maintain sophisticated solar units through basic knowledge share and hands-on practical training. The Barefoot College has harnessed solar energy not only to provide light but also to create employment for the unemployable, to boost income for the poor, to save the environment by reducing carbon emission and not cutting trees, and most importantly, to provide self-reliant solutions within village communities.