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Villages must be made self-sufficient so that they are not dependent on outside or urban sources for development and employment.

The Barefoot College has an array of programs that help create viable livelihoods for individuals and families within rural communities. The programmes include: Solar, Water, Education, Health Care, Craft, and Communication. Since all programmes and initiatives are planned, managed and implemented by members of the rural community, each one acts as a source of employment to some degree.

People’s Action and Communication initiatives create employment within rural communities to reduce migration. They encourage and motivate poor and unemployed rural youth, as well as middle-aged men and women, to seek jobs that help to develop rural communities and improve the quality of life.

Thanks to Barefoot College, any adult member from the rural community, irrespective of gender, caste, ethnicity, age and schooling, can work for the development of rural communities, as well as provide basic services and sustainable solutions through a combination of demystified technologies and traditional knowledge and skills.

Within the programmes, Solar, Water, Education, Health Care, Crafts, People’s Action, and Communication, more than 37,000 men and women have trained and worked as Barefoot teachers, doctors, midwives, dentists, health workers, solar engineers, solar cooker engineers, water drillers and engineers, hand pump mechanics, architects, artisans, designers, masons, communicators, water chemists, phone operators, blacksmiths, wasteland developers, carpenters, computer instructors, accountants and kabaad-se-jugaad (recycling) professionals.