Barefoot Guardians

“Our future is determined by what we do in the present.”- Mahatma Gandhi


Believe in the power of women
Barefoot Guardians are a unique and exclusive group of donors and philanthropists. They are true stewards of the bottom-up Barefoot model. Our guardians recognize the importance of partnering with the poor to discover solutions that work best at the community level—solutions that create self-sufficient, transparent and sustainable communities to empower rural women as role models and agents for change in the developing world.

Broaden opportunities
Barefoot Guardians act as a team of advisors for our international expansion strategy. As a group of likeminded leaders, they innovate and influence the agenda for development and poverty alleviation in ways that honor, respect and apply indigenous knowledge and skills. They support the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and see Gandhi’s universal message in the work ethic and lifestyle of the Barefoot College.

Build a future
Funding from the Guardian program:
– Sustains campus life and administration
– Supports ongoing research about implementation of new technologies
– Furthers alternative solutions that can be demystified for the poor
– Catalyzes and safeguards our international advocacy and partner development programs

Become a guardian
Attention all learners, unlearners and relearners: Our Barefoot Guardians are a rare and enlightened group. Dedicated to excellence, innovative thinking, and open society principals, they are willing to put their brainpower and their professional networks to work on behalf of the rural poor. They are eager to formulate new strategies and programs to drive impact, hand in hand with us.

The circle of Guardians can be no larger than 10. If you are interested in joining this dynamic group, please contact:

Meagan Carnahan Fallone
Global Strategy & Development

Our Guardians

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