Campus life

Barefoot College has two areas – New Campus and Old Campus.

The Old Campus uses the buildings that were previously built by the British government for providing healthcare care. Barefoot College operates international solar engineer training, craft making, equipment shipping, and ironworks on the Old Campus.

In 1977, the College acquired 8 acres of land to build what is now known as Barefoot College New Campus which was built between 1980 and 1985. Since rural people have been building their own houses for generations, without consulting any urban architects, the College utilized the knowledge and skills that the locals already possessed to conceptualise and design a campus that was comfortable and acceptable to its rural staff. As no one had any formal training, no architectural drawings were referred to for building, all plans of the campus were drawn and re-drawn on the ground, as the design evolved and changed.

The Barefoot College New Campus is the first, fully solar electrified campus located in rural India. All modules and electrical connections have been installed and are being maintained by Barefoot solar engineers, who have never been through more than 10 years of rural school.The 45 kilowatt of solar modules with 5 battery banks provide power for more than 500, 30 computers and printers, a healthcare centre,a library,a handicraft shop,a local Indian solar engineer training, a media and audio-visual facilities,a phone booth and a milk booth.