International Family

Meagan Fallone
Global Strategy, Implementation & Development

Meagan Fallone manages Global Strategy and Development for the Barefoot College. Working directly alongside Founder, Bunker Roy, to manage an aggressive scale-up of the Barefoot Approach, Internationally. Specifically to implement the “barefoot model” of community owned and managed, sustainable, grass roots development; in all the 43 Least developed countries (LDCs) by 2015. A strong commitment to developing women as agents of sustainable change and helping communities to develop their own capacity to meet the challenges within the developing world, is at the heart of every Barefoot Solution. She has been both a donor and a field presence in more than 22 countries since joining Barefoot College in 2011.

As the first Non Indian to be adopted by the Barefoot Family in Tilonia, the beliefs of inclusion championed by the college through 40 years are being put into practice with her addition to the team. The process of leaning and re-learning the needs of the organisation as it moves into the future, exemplify all the practices of de-centralized decision making and capacity building at every possible level.

Meagan is dedicated to transforming beliefs into action, she is an entrepreneur who has created or restructured a series of companies since 2005 in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Championing women in the developing world, she speaks regularly on the power of women as agents of sustainable change and poverty reduction. Her company MFC Art Consulting Ltd in 2006 launched her deep commitment to the social sector by mentoring women artisans to gain unprecedented livelihood access in the luxury hotel sector. Born in New Zealand, educated in the US and the United Kingdom, Meagan is a mother of 3 and a passionate mountaineer.

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Rodrigo Paris
Latin America Coordinator

Rodrigo Paris is currently an Executive Volunteer for Barefoot College in Tilonia, a tiny village in Rajasthan’s province of India. He is interested in establish a branch of Barefoot College in Colombia to reply this successful model of self-sustainability within poor communities in Latin America. Recently, He was selected as fellow of the Royal Geographical Society after his outstanding contribution to establish a strategic alliance between the institution and the Colombia’s government in 2011. The most crucial challenges of his work with the RGS and Barefoot College concerns searching and sharing experiences and strategies to promote environmental sustainability in Latin America.

As diplomat of Colombia with the United Kingdom during four years, he worked as the Environmental attaché and coordinated efforts to design and implement the first cooperation agreement between the two countries to protect some areas of pristine rainforest in the South of Colombia. He also participated in the strategic partnership on food security between the International Sustainability Unit of the Prince’s Rainforest Project and the Ministers of Environment and Agriculture of Colombia.

He is originally from Colombia, but has been living abroad since 2000 and has a passion for promoting humanitarianism to empower people. Avid follower of football, He is currently working on first football related book: ‘The Ideal 11: short stories about how life is explained by football’.

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Matt Devlin
Co-Director, Global M&E

Matt Devlin, alongside Lauren Remedios, manages global monitoring and evaluation for Barefoot College’s initiatives. Matt has extensive experience in capacity building and data analysis, and he coordinates communications among Barefoot’s global network of partner NGOs. Matt also works with the SAMPDA Network to foster inter-organization capacity building and coordinate network-wide efforts to achieve program sustainability.

Lauren Remedios
Project Director, Friends of Barefoot College, Co-Director, Global M&E

Lauren Remedios is the Project Director for Friends of Barefoot College. She works in partnership with Earth Island Institute and is responsible for the Friends of Barefoot College’s achievement of its mission and organizational/financial obligations.

Lauren, alongside Matt Devlin, also manages global monitoring and evaluation for Barefoot College’s initiatives. Originally from Bangalore, Lauren has worked and lived in various locations in India and the United States. She brings extensive field experience in monitoring and evaluation from both grassroots and multinational NGOs. Please contact for any information
Lara (Lauren)
Project Director, Friends of Barefoot College, USA
P.O.Box 1176
Little Rock, AR 72203
Phone: 01-870-210-6964
Skype: laurenremedios

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Sue Stevenson
Sue Stevenson
Senior Consultant

Sue Stevenson has joined Barefoot College as a Senior Consultant focusing on Development. She reports directly to Bunker Roy and Meagan Fallone. Sue will be based between Europe and USA, West Coast.

Sue has had a wide-ranging career with leadership roles in both the private sector and in the not for profit world. Her deep experience in the technology sector, specifically encompassed international positions ranging from Systems Engineering to Senior Marketing executive. In the non profit world she spent a number of years as Director of Business in the Environment, a key part of HRH Prince Charles’ charitable organisation. The mission of the Business in the Environment coalition, to fund and promote, environmentally responsible, sustainable and profitable businesses and create partnerships with Social Enterprise and grass roots sustainability initiatives.

Her current activities include membership of the Stanford University Parents Advisory Board and Vice Chair of the Board of Governors at Aiglon College, where she has played an active role in the funding and subsequent dissemination of outstanding education to the widest possible audience.

She joins the Barefoot College International team with a mandate to develop partnerships and support for the mission of The Barefoot College around the world and its 40 year old innovative vision for dissemination of knowledge to the poorest of the poor.

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