The Tilonia Family

Laxman Singh
Solar Engineer

Trained as a geologist and skilled as a water diviner, he is a local legend. He is sought after for identifying water points. He co-ordinates all technological programs of the Barefoot College.

S. Sriniwasan Vasu

He is conscience keeper, friend, philosopher and guide. His expertise is in writing, counselling and brainstorming.

Solar Engineer

With a school-leaving certificate in science, he looks after the entire solar project. Coordinates Solar Barefoot Engineers in India and abroad. He is affectionately called “papa guruji” by the solar trainees!

Rain Water Harvesting

Associated with Barefoot College from 1975 as a literacy volunteer, joined in 1977 and worked with accounting. He is a mobiliser of communities, proficient in rainwater harvesting, trained as a lawyer, and helps monitor the six-non negotiable principles of the Barefoot College.

Communications (Audio visual)

Coordinates the audio visual section, just schooled up to class 2. He is one of the most competent record keepers and managers in Barefoot College.

Women’s Empowerment (Field Center)

Starting her work as a Balsevika, she is now a Field Centre Coordinator.

Solar Cooker

Has been working since 1992 as Solar Cooker Engineer.

Communications (Audio visual)

Came to the campus when she was 2. Has grown up with Barefoot College and is now a documentary filmmaker. She learnt on the job with a well-known self-taught documentary filmmaker.


Is from Harmara, 4 kms from Tilonia. He rejected prospects in the Middle-East to set up an excellent fabricating workshop, which makes Barefoot College’s technologically innovative work self supporting. He also trains youth in Barefoot metal craft.

Solar Cooker

A fine singer with a repertoire of Meera (woman poet and saint of Rajasthan) songs. She trained in the solar section and is now a Solar Cooker Engineering, and coordinates the work of the Barefoot Solar Cooker Engineers.

Bunker Roy (also known as Sanjit Roy)
Founder, Director

Self-effacing founder, colleague, fundraiser and crisis manager for Barefooters. From December 1972 till now.


Community mobilizer, lyricist, accountant, communicator, puppet maker, works with folk musicians/artists. Ramniwas with Ramkaran, looks after visitors to Barefoot College.


Multi skilled community worker with an aptitude for identifying community problems. Outspoken and fearless.

Night School

Initially a barefoot health worker, a teacher in a night school, now co-ordinates Tilonia’s night schools and helps with collating information in Hindi.

Night School

From Nallu, engaged with Barefoot College as a student volunteer. Later became a worker, coordinated all education activities and localized community work, interested in youth activities. He is now the coordinator of Manthan, an associated project of Barefoot College working with Solar for purifying brackish water.


Barefoot health worker and manager. Competent and interested in different systems of medicine, facilitates special interventions and camps.

Water Mapping

Studied upto the 6th, she learnt to work the computer, started with accounts, learnt water mapping, and now handles the water portal called Neer Jaal.

Bhanwar Singh

Been in Tilonia since 1982. He started with alternative technology, streamlined the management of the canteen and now coordinates all administrative work in Barefoot College.

Durga Singh
Day School

Alternative teacher, initially in his own Village Chir and now in Shiksha Niketen, the day school on campus.

Ramlal & Ramswarup

Keepers of the coffers, they have been with the Accounts section since 1998 and 1990 respectively.

Bhanwar Tilonia

Co-ordinated the making of the Barefoot Campus, Barefoot Construction Engineer, good with vehicles and comes from the farming community in Tilonia.

Ratan Devi

Trainer emeritus and convener of community meetings, also helps as an editor with the community radio.

Sher Khan

Came to Tilonia in 1974 from Baramullah, Kashmir and has been here since then. He looks after transportation and vehicles.

Waste Recycle (wood)

Is a multi tasker, wood crafter, mobiliser, teacher, and now coordinator of a Field Centre.


Looks after the canteen and keeps us all going with a full stomach and makes us a cheerful team.