Funding collaboration

How Our Projects Are Born
Each Barefoot collaboration is unique. This is the true secret to sustainability and impact. Pleople often ask, “how did you decide to work there”?

We start with a heightened consciousness about critical need and that is informed by the annually updated list of Least developed Countries. Projects are then selected by strategic location where the Barefoot Approach can set the best example and show that the impossible, is possible.

Sometimes it is our consciousness about a fragile eco system that drives the choice of region or village. Sometimes it is a contact or request by an NGO or indigenous organization in-country. Our funding partners are also our decision making partners and we listen and care about what regions they are investing in or where they have a vision of impact.

We have many key individuals whose collective wisdom and guidance are always taken to heart as they represent many of the best Social Enterprises and political or social leadership.

Why donations?

We are committed to serving the poorest of the poor across all our Barefoot Solutions. A business model leaves the very poor or very marginalized, behind. We see human beings and not “customers”. We develop sustainable programming that empowers women and villages to begin to meet their own needs. This is only possible in the Least Developed Countries through an initial subsidy model.

Where your contribution goes?

  • Support of a solar committee in every community
  • Support to construct a rural electronic workshop in every community
  • Support for Families left behind while Grandmothers are in training
  • Support for purchase of household solar electrification equipment (Panel, roof frame, wiring, charge controller, LED wall lights battery, waterproof battery box, large , mobile solar
    rechargeable lantern, mobile phone charger)
  • Support for livelihood augmentation and entrepreneurial capacity of
    Barefoot Solar Engineers
  • Support Dam building which recharges dormant wells and hand pumps
  • Support building of underground storage rainwater harvesting installations on schools and households
  • Support construction of Solar operated Reverse Osmosis desalinization plants
  • Support ongoing programs in Dentistry, Acupuncture, mid-wifery, preventive health, vaccinations, and medical camps
  • Support further training and women
  • Support new and innovative livelihood training programs
  • Support manufacturing of toys and other items from 100% recycled materials
  • Support teacher salaries
  • Support teaching aides and materials manufactured by Barefoot College livelihood areas
  • Support supply of solar lanterns to Night Schools
Administration Overhead:
  • Facilities to staff members
  • Staff salaries
  • Travel/transport
  • Telephone/email/internet/IT/Auditing
  • Office expenses
Partnership Structure

Bringing together the strength of our world-wide MOU agreements with such organizations as UNWOMEN and the UNDP GEF small grants programs we are determined to bring together the three pillars of support with a shared goal of making access to sustainable energy a reality for all. Business Sector, Multi-lateral Organizations and Private Foundations come together with social enterprise to reach the most marginalized and rural communities in the Least Developed Countries. This unique strategy is the best way to achieve lasting impact, set new paradigms for development philosophies and achieve attention at Governmental levels, domestically and Internationally; to drive policy change.